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You CAN Still Learn to Cook!

I consider myself a good cook, and a pretty good baker. I remember my mom having me “get dinner started” before she got home from work when I was just eight or nine. We didn’t know that we were latch-key kids; grandmother lived next door. It was 1967. To me cooking assignments were fun and I liked being helpful (and probably feeling like I was more grown up than my brothers).

As a weight management specialist—for nineteen years now—I’ve long been aware that cooking skills have a lot to do with eating choices. For good or bad we pass our skill, or lack of skill, to our children.

Recently, I read a book that got me thinking more about my own cooking skills: The Kitchen Counter Cooking School--How a Few Simple Lessons Transformed Nine Culinary Novices into Fearless Home Cooks, by Kathleen Flinn.

Like the nine novice cooks in the book, I cook a lot like my mom. For instance, since reading the book I noticed that while I know how to roast, or sauté, fresh veggies, I often warm up frozen veggies in the microwave. Maybe that’s because like most of us I feel time-constrained, and I already have the entrée to deal with. On the other hand, mom used mostly frozen veggies. Thankfully, they are a healthy choice that we needn’t feel bad about! Still, more roasted veggies will be showing up on our dinner table.

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Tasty treat: Chicken Wings

Once in a while you want to splurge on something a little decadent! My husband (and son) LOVE chicken wings. Wings are simple to make (especially when papa does the grilling)! To balance out the splurge pair them with a big bowl of carrot and celery sticks (with lowfat ranch dip).

Recipe: Chicken Wings

You can make a tasty lowfat ranch dip by mixing a dry ranch seasoning packet into plain lowfat sour cream. Try Uncle Dan's Original Ranch Dressing mix and look for a lowfat sour cream that is ~20-calories per tablespoon.


PS--My review of the Dukan Diet is coming up next blog.


The Best Tiramisu Ever!

This Tiramisu recipe has been our Father's Day Tradition for the past five years. Our daughter was just thirteen the first time she made it, it turned out perfectly, and she's made it every year since then. Based on how yummy it is you would never guess the recipe is from Cooking Light (just 226-calories for 1/8th).  Our family thinks it's the best Tiramisu we've had anywhere.

Sound good?
Here it is: Tiramisu 


PS--My next blog will be a review of the Dukan Diet. However, since we leave on family vacation the 20th for two weeks, it may not get posted until early July. If you have questions about the Dukan Diet feel free to let me know (, and I'll try to make sure the review answers them! Thanks!


Spicy Pineapple Cole Slaw

This light and refreshing slaw comes together in just 15-minutes! To make a full meal, the slaw compliments chicken or beef nicely, then all you need is some brown rice. For a different twist, substitute a can of Mandarin oranges for the pineapple.

If this sounds good to you too, here's the recipe: Spicy Pineapple Slaw.



Pesto Shrimp with Feta & Brown Rice

It can't get easier than this and still call it cooking! Your family will love this meal, and you will wonder how anything so delicious could be so easy. It's 10-minutes tops to get this in the oven, and then the oven does all the work. Clean up is a breeze since it's a one-dish meal.

Recipe: Pesto Shrimp with Feta & Brown Rice