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Pizza Night!

My family loves pizza, so making it a Friday night tradition is a no brainer for this busy family! Fortunately Trader Joe's makes it affordable and healthy for us. TJ's has a great frozen and fresh (personal size) pizza selection. Even though there are four of us we usually cook four pizzas. These TJ's pizzas are thin crust and light on the cheese, so not nearly as much food (and calories) as takeout style pizzas. Plus, we always have leftovers which make great snacks the next day.

Here's some of our favorites (these are all Trader Joe's Pizzas):

*Arugula Pizza (frozen, 15.3 oz.); 990 total calories

*Organic Woodfired Sicilian Style Pizza (frozen, 14.4 oz.); 859 total calories

*Organic 3 Cheese Pizza (frozen, 13.4 oz.); 935 total calories

*Pesto Pizza with organic flour & vegetables (frozen, 13.5 oz.); 930 total calories

*Pizza Margherita (fresh, 10 oz.); 540 total calories

*Pizza 4 Formaggi four cheese (frozen, 13.4 oz.); 930 total calories

*Pizza Parlanno with Italian sausage, uncured pepperoni, roasted pepper and roasted onions (frozen 18.25 oz.); 1322 total calories

*Roasted Portabella Mushroom & Garlic Pizza (fresh, 11 oz.); 460 total calories

*Spinach Pizza feta cheese, organic spinach & tomatoes (frozen, 14 oz.); 900 total calories

*Tarte aux Champignons (frozen, 9.45 oz.); 600 total calories
  (French style flat bread with mushrooms, emmental and parmesan cheese)

*Tomato Pesto Flatbread (frozen, 9 oz.); 765 total calories

*Wild Mushroom & Black Truffle flatbread (frozen, 9 oz); 780 total calories