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Easy Broiled Salmon

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  • 1- to 1¼-lbs. salmon
  • Cooking spray or foil
  • Optional seasoning: Garlic Mrs Dash


1.  Make sure your upper oven rack is in the 2nd (not closest) notch from the top.
2.  Preheat broiler for 5- to 10-minutes.
3.  Place fish onto a cookie sheet or broiler pan (which—for easy clean up—you’ve either covered with foil, or sprayed with cooking spray).
4.  Place fish under broiler and broil approximately 5-minutes per side (depending on the thickness of the filets).
5.  Fish will flake easily with a fork when done.

Nutrition:  (Serving size: 4 oz. [data for wild Sockeye salmon])
: 245       protein: 31g           total carbohydrate: 0g        total fat: 12.4g
: 0g          saturated fat: 2.2g      sodium: 75mg              dietary fiber: 0g