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Dorene D. Robinson, RDN CDN
Weight Management Specialist, Author, Speaker & MBTI Specialist

My passion for nutrition and weight management (especially understanding how diet and exercise affect our bodies) sprang from my own struggles with weight, in my late teens and early twenties, when at times I weighed over 40 pounds more than I do today.

Through healthy eating and an active lifestyle I have maintained that weight loss for over 25 years. This journey led me to becoming a registered dietitan in 1993, and maintaining a personal training certification for nearly 15 years.

There is nothing I find more rewarding than helping someone else  create their own success with their weight! I know it's tough though, especially with the enormous amount of misinformation being peddled to people looking for answers.

Fortunately for the readers of my book The NEW Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide, as well as felllow professionals attending my continuing education workshops, I am a true research nerd. I love getting to the bottom of threads of research to see what the data actually shows, and I have a knack for translating research into practical actionable advise. After hundreds of hours on Medline, and digging through the University of Washington Medical library stacks (and all the books, references, and continuing education I could get my hands on) I went about making myself an expert on evidence-based weight management research with a personal library of over 1,200 published research articles. This was all in addition to the continuing education credits required to maintain my professional credentials, which also predominately focused on all aspects of weight management. I have particular expertise with:

  1. The metabolic literature related to the effects of dieting and exercise on basal metabolic rate and body composition;
  2. Appetite regulation;
  3. Exercise for weight loss and maintenance;
  4. The effects of protein, carbohydrate and fat on energy balance;
  5. Weight loss misinformation and myths; etc., etc.!

I have been a Registered Dietitian since 1993, and my focus has always been weight management. In addition to authoring The NEW Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide (4th edition July 2012), some of the other things I've been up to include:

  • Managed one of the largest outpatient weight management programs in the Seattle area, personally working with hundreds of clients over a wide range of BMIs.
  • Providing training to nearly 2,000 professionals who attended my accredited continuing education workshop (Advanced Training in Weight Management, for health & fitness professionals working with weight loss) which was offered in 31 cities nationwide in 2003 and 2004.

Prior to offering the Advanced Training in Weight Management in 2003:

  • I had been a regularly featured presenter at fitness industry conventions in the US and Canada since 1997.
  • Authored numerous articles in a variety of fitness and nutrition publications worldwide.
  • Taught weight management to nutrition and naturopathic medical students as part of my graduate coursework at Bastyr University.
  • Taught a weight management course at Lake Washington Technical College for students in the Fitness Specialist program.
  • Maintained a certification as a personal trainer for 15 years. I grew up in an athletic nature-loving family and remember my father weight training three nights a week from the time that I was just four years old. My dad will be 80-years-old in August 2013 and is still going strong!

For many years my fitness routine has consisted of a mix of cardio, weight training, and yoga. In the 80s through the early 90s I did weight training two to three times a week, along with as much walking and other cardio as I could fit in. In 2009 I did 6-months of physical therapy to rehab a chronic shoulder injury. Since then I do my rehab-maintenance routine (upper body weights and stretching) every other day, yoga or aerobics a couple times a week, and get in as much walking as I can.

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