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“Before using The Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide I didn’t know what to tell clients (or what to refer them to) about many nutrition and weight management questions. Now I can refer almost all the questions clients ask to “the guide”—the answer is there—Dorene has pulled everything together for you.”
Robby Denning, ACE, ACSM
Fitness Director, Apple Athletic Clubs
Idaho Falls, ID

"The Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide has been the back-bone of our new weight loss program. For the first time I know I have a concrete, scientific and healthy way of helping people lose weight--thank you so much!"
Susan Olsen, ACE
Owner, The Fitness Connection
Kent, WA

"I read everything I can get my hands on about weight control and I've never found a book that is as good as The Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide. I'm the kind of person who wants scientific proof and Dorene has not only pulled that all together for us but also made it easy to understand. I just can't say enough about this book! My clients love it too!"
Mauriann Patterson, RN BS
Owner, ICAN! Weight Loss
Naples, FL

"I highly recommend The Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide. Dorene has put together an invaluable resource that consumers--and professionals--can trust for accurate and up to date information. Dorene skips the filler and sticks to the pertinent facts, plus she's added lots of colorful charts, graphs and sidebars, which will keep you turning the page. If you're ready to embark on the road to a healthier life, this should be your handbook!"
Suzzanne Nelson Myer, MS RD
Assistant Professor Bastyr University
Seattle, WA

"As a nutritionist, I can say that Dorene's thorough research, thoughtful perspective and practical guidelines for putting knowledge into practice are an ideal combination. The Healthy Eating & Weight Management Guide is a valuable resource packed with accurate and up-to-date information instead of myths and hype--I highly recommend it for both practitioners and for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness."
Eileen Faughey, MA RD
Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Connections