The Best Tiramisu Ever!
Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 10:48PM
Dorene Robinson RDN CDN in healthy eating, recipes, what's for dinner?

This Tiramisu recipe has been our Father's Day Tradition for the past five years. Our daughter was just thirteen the first time she made it, it turned out perfectly, and she's made it every year since then. Based on how yummy it is you would never guess the recipe is from Cooking Light (just 226-calories for 1/8th).  Our family thinks it's the best Tiramisu we've had anywhere.

Sound good?
Here it is: Tiramisu 


PS--My next blog will be a review of the Dukan Diet. However, since we leave on family vacation the 20th for two weeks, it may not get posted until early July. If you have questions about the Dukan Diet feel free to let me know (, and I'll try to make sure the review answers them! Thanks!

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