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Is what you're drinking helping or hindering your weight loss efforts?

What you drink does impact your calorie intake. The average American currently derives 21% of their caloric intake from beverages, which adds up to a whopping 464 calories a day! The majority of those are empty-calories coming from sweetened beverages.[i]

For a little perspective, decades ago, the earliest soft drinks were sold in 6.5-oz bottles (78-calories) and were a very occasional treat. Today the average soft drink serving is 21-ounces (up from 13.6 oz. in 1977), and clocks in at a whopping 252-calories. Not only that, but over the same time frame servings per day increased from 1.96 to 2.39.

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Diet soda and stroke: What you need to know

I'm no fan of processed foods, or soda of any type, for that matter. That said, I am frustrated with the press this topic has gotten because it's regarding unpublished (meaning not yet peer reviewed) research. Anyone in a grad school statistics class learns that more than 50% of "research" isn't worth the paper it's printed on. That's because research is conducted by humans who make lots of mistakes analyzing data (using statistics properly) as well as in study design. The "poster session" that got the buzz on this topic started was also based on "observational" data, that at most can point us toward a topic that needs controlled trials in order to see if there is a true causal affect.

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