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Does HOW You Lose Weight Really Matter?

How much does HOW you lose weight really matter? Your approach can make a big difference in the amount of lean body mass (muscle and bone mineral density) you lose. Your goal should always be to maintain as much lean body mass as you can (to optimize your metabolic rate and ensure functional strength). Remember, the older you are the more difficult it becomes to build back lost muscle or bone density!

So HOW do you maintain more lean body mass while you lose weight?

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Weight Loss Math Uproar: Sorting it out!

An article recently published in the medical journal Lancet,[i] authored by Kevin Hall PhD, a biophysicist at the National Institutes of Health set off some erroneous news coverage on the effect of calorie-restriction on weight loss.

Since there is too much misinformation from the “reporting” on this research paper to try to set straight in a single blog, I’m going to devote my next few blogs to clearing up one piece of confusion at a time.

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Weight Training and Weight Control...

Strength training has lots of benefits -- for people of all ages -- and ideally it should be a component of a balanced overall fitness program. However, for the average person (following the average gym-based workout routine) it won't have a clinically significant affect on their Resting Metabolic Rate.

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Is Strength Training Really the Key to Weight Management? 

It’s not uncommon to hear or read claims that, “if you gain one pound of muscle you will burn about 50 extra calories per day.” If only it were that easy...

In fact, the resting metabolic rate of skeletal muscle is frequently confused with the resting metabolic rate of the lean body mass as a whole. Lean body mass however includes all our organs (liver, brain, heart, and kidneys) which burn 15 to 33 times more calories by weight than skeletal muscle.

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