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10 Reasons Why Record Keeping is Invaluable in Weight Management

  1. Success requires self-management. Record keeping is the basis of this.
  2. It keeps the focus on relevant behaviors, which translates to more success with those behaviors.
  3. You learn calorie and portion information.
  4. You learn the consequences (caloric cost) of various food choices and environments.
  5. You learn where you consistently have trouble (difficult/impossible places to be and not also overeat).
  6. You learn to balance overeating and undereating days.
  7. You learn there are no good/bad foods -- it's all a calorie game, and it makes no difference where the calories come from (as far as weight is concerned, health in another issue altogether, that I will be discussing a lot).
  8. You learn to make better choices instead of continuing what clearly doesn't work.
  9. Records provide objective reality-based information from which to evaluate your actions.
  10. Records show you whether your actions are aligned with your goals thereby providing an opportunity for positive reinforcement of the healthy behaviors that create the outcome you're looking for (weight loss!).

Weight Loss Mastery Skilll #3: Record Keeping. You might be surprised to learn that people without a history of dieting underestimate their food intake by about 20%, while dieters underestimate it by 40 to 50%, or more. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that research shows that people who keep food and activity records are more successful at changing eating patterns, maintaining exercise habits, and successfully managing their weight.

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